How To Add A Brand To Your Account

Learn How To Add A Brand Before You Can Build Your Campaign

Before you can create your first campaign, you need to setup your brand details. Branding is essential for your campaign because this is where you add the details of your business or company. This branding will always appear on your campaigns at the header and the footer. This includes the logo at the header of your campaign and the brand name with link to your official website. See the picture below for details.

If you bought the Agency license, you will be able to add unlimited number of brands. This is essential when you want to run campaigns for different businesses including your clients’ businesses.

Now let’s get started on how to create our first brand.

Step 1 - Click on "Edit Profile" from the Top Menu

Step 2 - Click on Brand Details

Step 3 - Add Your Brand Details and Save

And that’s it!

Your brand has been added and this will appear on every campaign you create under this Brand.

Now let’s create your first campaign.

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